Alesia F. Norling

I am 37 years old, married, with a daughter and two dogs of
questionable breeding. I have lived in Maine for the majority of my
life and enjoy it thoroughly in the late spring, summer and early
fall. My history includes growing up on a working farm, giving my
poor parents an amazing amount of grief, and reluctantly
attending various grade schools. Eventually, I found my niche at
the Rhode Island School of Design.

Aside from art, my passions in life include animal welfare issues, pit bulls (rescued, of course), and growing things. 

About my art:

I make art for several reasons, some are obvious to me and some
are not. The less obvious reasons have to do with finding connections
within myself and to the outside world. Making art is a sort of mental
and physical process that helps me determine how I am feeling towards
an issue or idea, what makes it important to me and why. I often
find that my paintings behave as dreams do - their message
to me is not revealed until some time after the painting is finished.

My paintings are in private collections around the world and my
illustrations can be found in various publications in the US.

More about my artwork, the process:

Although I constantly experiment with various materials and
processes, the majority of my work is mixed-media collage, using
antique and vintage papers, books parts and photographs.
Sometimes, I paint or apply collage directly into frames or onto
unusual surfaces such as old boards or mirrors. The mixture
of mediums in my work generally consists of (but are not limited to)
oils, pen & ink, acrylics, photo transfers, pastels and color-pencil.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.